Thirumurai study circle



So far I have released 6 chapters in my Blog..named Thirumurai study circle.


The aim is to involve people into studying traditional temple singers/devotees

their attempts in invoking divinity/bhakthi /natural unfailing worship of Almighty /

thro their devine songs/music in temples which are brought out in the form of

Thevaram/Thiruvasagam and sung nowadays in all temples.

A lot of benefit is derived thro these songs by devotees thro healing.

All messages told in Sanskrit thro Vedas/Upanishads are told/sung

in a very simple manner in Tamil!

Swamy Chinmayananda spread the vedic/upanishadic  messages to the commoner

across the globe thro his Mission.

We can even start a university ONLINE

I wish somebody take Saiva studies like that!

Will this dream come true?!



About gsarathy

76 y.m,Rtd prof Veterinarian ,happily settled interested in community activities and satsang I have vast experiences of 55 years in veterinary practice and I wish to detail them soon! I graduated in 1960 ,B.V.Sc, 1969 M.V.Sc and Ph.D in Madras Veterinary College. I have rich field experience in deep Tamilnadu Villages as Veterinary surgeon,and Teacher in Madras veterinary college served in Animal husbandry dept, Agricultural and veterinary universities in Tamilnadu.. Now I am interested in knowing Vedantha,sidhantha and human behaviour towaeds religious practices. I have created this blog for this purpose DR.G.PARTHASARATHY
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2 Responses to Thirumurai study circle

  1. I am also having a blog in tamil on tamilisai in general thevaram in particular and want to continue
    with prabandam and thirupugazh etc. my blog is


  2. gsarathy says:

    We have lots of materials in both Prabandas in Tamil explaining in very simple ways /verses …what all told in Vedas
    Its time we bring them to the modern platform now.
    You have given lot of evidences in your blog.


thank you!

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