Medical Profession in INDIA.

I am interested in medical professionals helping the community in India.

At present most of the outgoing MBBS students are in persuing for Post graduation .

The MBBS freshers are taught general practice but they are reluctant to do the same after graduation depriving the community of minimum health benefits to the needy public .

Let them go in for higher studies but why not allocate atleast two hours per day in general practice along with persuing for higher studies.

All people cannot afford specialists initially.



About gsarathy

76 y.m,Rtd prof Veterinarian ,happily settled interested in community activities and satsang I have vast experiences of 55 years in veterinary practice and I wish to detail them soon! I graduated in 1960 ,B.V.Sc, 1969 M.V.Sc and Ph.D in Madras Veterinary College. I have rich field experience in deep Tamilnadu Villages as Veterinary surgeon,and Teacher in Madras veterinary college served in Animal husbandry dept, Agricultural and veterinary universities in Tamilnadu.. Now I am interested in knowing Vedantha,sidhantha and human behaviour towaeds religious practices. I have created this blog for this purpose DR.G.PARTHASARATHY
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