We conduct thiruvasagam mutrothal on all 3rd saturdays each month in AVM COLONY KOIL,VIRUGAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI 92. since more than 6 years regularly

Latest was on 17th February 2018.  [77th mutrothal]



About gsarathy

76 y.m,Rtd prof Veterinarian ,happily settled interested in community activities and satsang I have vast experiences of 55 years in veterinary practice and I wish to detail them soon! I graduated in 1960 ,B.V.Sc, 1969 M.V.Sc and Ph.D in Madras Veterinary College. I have rich field experience in deep Tamilnadu Villages as Veterinary surgeon,and Teacher in Madras veterinary college served in Animal husbandry dept, Agricultural and veterinary universities in Tamilnadu.. Now I am interested in knowing Vedantha,sidhantha and human behaviour towaeds religious practices. I have created this blog for this purpose DR.G.PARTHASARATHY
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  1. K.V.Palanichamy says:

    Please let me know whether anyone can attend the same.


    • gsarathy says:

      Thiruvasagam Mutrothal in AVM COLONY KOIL.VIRUGAMBAKAM,CHENNAI 92 is being conducted on all 3rd Saturdays each month since more than 7 continuous years .today 20th oct [86th MUTROTHAL]. IN THE SAME TEMPLE/SAME PLACE/SAME DEVOTEES CONTINUOUSLY. For the welfare of all.Anybody can participate Timing 8am-3pm. I wish all pople to do the same in their local temples periodically.G.PARTHASARATHY.


thank you!

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